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Hello I need a specific kind of artist, one that can draw in this style as close as if not exact

Good day before I rant on this journal I just want to say something. I believe in karmic balance, certain views based on my religion and what not, in essence I have learnt not to lie even if the truth may hurt. Anyone reading this can believe it or not, but what I am about to write about are facts, plain and simple.

The artist Deerazzy  has unjustly took my money, simple as that. Here is why and how.

On December 7th  I paid her the total of 200 GBP (340.80 USD) for some commissions. At this time she was healthy if not stressed and was practically begging for commissions , due to a rough patch with income in her life. During this time I considered her a friend, as I commissioned her before as well. Before said date I also helped her out with her internet, probably to the sum of 30 GBP. Helping out a friend was no big deal. Now she needed some money and the commissions was her only source of income. To make matters worse, no one was commissioning her at the time. So in order to help out, while also getting stuff I wanted done as well, we organized this commission set and payment. All was good.

I didn't hear from her in over a month, and contacted her late January (virtually 2 months). She forgot about my stuff and told me she would get on it immediately and I would have some sketches. A couple months passed and she started to develop some health problems. I was fine with it, health comes first. So everything went on from there.

Now here is the kicker.

From that time to lets say a couple more months down, maybe up to May, she has been taking on additional commissions. First was head shots, then sketches, then full colour commissions. Also she was finishing a lot of those. But yet still, I didn't get any feedback on my stuff or even a scribble. When contacted, she again said she had some health issues, so I said OK. She continued taking on these extra work, while  still not giving me anything pertaining to mine.

Also during this time, as her Facebook would suggest, she was quite active, going out and so on. And yet still nothing in relation to my commission.

Now 7 months have passed and last week I contacted her. Apparently this was bothering her as she would put it. She would then proceed to block me from DA, Skype and FB. She posted a journal , and twisted it in a way that makes me come across that I am haggling her everyday, roughing her up and what not. This is far from the truth. When I contact her initially it was a month or more apart, only last week I contacted her in successive days, and that was due to the stance that she is taking now. And all I asked for was an update, and if none, a refund.

She claims that I am pissed that I didn't get my "titty porn" art as she put it. But yet the commissions I did with her, she was the one that added the extra sex appeal, as well as commissioning for other people fetish porn-like art. Double standard. 

This isn't about the art, I paid 200 GBP, 7 moths of passed, she had ample time to do at least 1 sketch, and I mean just a sketch, not a completed work, and yet still nothing was done.

She expects me to follow her journals. Kind of egotistical and unrealistic. Most people follow a lot of artists, and they don't have the time to read all their journals, and most don't anyway. Artist usually contact the commissioner individually by notes etc and keep them updated. Right now I have an artist doing stuff for me that is taking what, going into 3 months now. He has school, and a much busier schedule than her, that is also compounded by health issues and family problems. Yet still he find a way to note me on updates. Why can't she do the same? Is she to high and mighty for it.

The worse part is she claims to offer no refunds. No problem there, but to invoke that rule, I would have to get something first. And I haven't to this day. She is refusing to refund my money. Basically as I started this journal, what she is doing is basically stealing my money. All 200 GBP (341USD)

I have contacted DA and basically was told to accept the loss. I am looking for any actions , legal actions I can take. If anyone can lend some advice as to what to do would be beneficial. But so far, I am accepting the loss.

I just hope people read this and stay away from this snake in the grass if you will. She maybe a good artist, but she has zero professionalism and etiquette.



Since Dee has so rightfully put she did do two of the art. But that was when my dear, on your own volition. No it wasn't. It was done because I reminded you too. When I contacted you about an update, you FORGOT! Only after I did I get those, and I told which ones to do, because you of the fact you forgot and were tryin to make up time. So we worked it out and got those 2. But that was in December. So 2 out of 8 , when 1) you forgot in the firs place in the first month. 2) nothing of the second 6 pieces in the space of 7 months, where you had ample time to do even a little sketch??

Further more you did half the work as you claim . LOl you did 2 out of 8 FULL pieces. There are 6 more that haven't even gotten the pen to paper treatment yet, what is this madness lol

So yes you are right , you don't owe me for those 2. But my dear even if you don't offer refunds, you do owe me for those 6 because I haven't received anything period for those, so do the math.

And furthermore, you are the bad person lol. What you are doing is criminal. I have no problem with you not doing the commissions, I don't care about that. But keeping a fraction of the 200GBP (which works out to 150GBP) . Especially since zero work has been done on those 6 (no sketches even, not even a line), especially when you HAD time to do even a sketch, since you had time in the earlies where you rushed to make up time to give me my commissions that you forgot, as well as during the time your were fairly healthy and taking on additional/extra work. So please be real.

Also in response to the Facebook part, no one is saying not to have a life. But you took on a responsibility. You took someone's hard earned money for a job, which you haven't performed fully, where which you could have . That is unprofessional and irresponsible.

You may twist it all you want, the facts are above, and I amended it to show  that yes you don't owe me all of it, but you do owe me a lot of my money still, period.


Apparently you aren't reading, there was no sketches for the 6 other pictures in that batch, nothing. Apparently you blatantly forgot, that you forgot about the commission in he first place, and I contacted you, you rushed and gave me two of my commissions. Since you were in a hurry to make up for your lapse, I offered to choose which ones first, and I got those. There was never any batch of 4-5 sketches,  ARE YOU HIGH? God  you are a snake if there ever was one, and a blatant criminal.


At the end of the day though, its highly unlikely that I'll get back the fraction that I'm owed, she'll keep spinning her tales, and bottom-line this is a fukin website for art, that honestly has no importance in my actual life in the long run. Would love see my money again, but I digress it ain't lookin to good lol


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